Saturday, July 18, 2015

Case 0, File 1: Mission Statement

AKA: So here's what this is.

Hello. My writing name is Elessar (not my real name, obviously). I am a staff writer for a website called Moar Powah and I am an absurdly huge fan of The X-Files

I don't need to walk you though my history with The X-Files. I've been a fan of it since I was old enough to BE a fan of something, and it's not too great a stretch to say it's my favorite show of all time. So, in the lead in to the revival coming next year, I found myself desiring to revisit it, but also pay tribute to a show that's such a huge part of my life.

My original idea was just to watch it on my own time and just post a retrospective on the aforementioned Moar Powah, but that seemed like a lot of time invested (and I mean a lot; There are 202 episodes of The X-Files, for an extremely conservative estimate of over 5 and a half days worth of time) for not a lot of payoff. But I also know that my editors on Moar Powah probably wouldn't stand for an episode by episode recap, even if it wouldn't get in the way of my normal review schedule (which it would).

And so, as I thought about it, the idea for this blog, in which I will watch every single episode of The X-files and review them, took shape. And so, that is what this blog will be devoted to: Reviews of every single episode of The X-Files, and both movies, in order, whenever I get the chance (no real update schedule, unless this really takes off). So, here are a few notes on the format here:

I will be watching all of the episodes on DVDs from this box set:

I got this years ago, I love to absolute pieces and I'm not just gonna let it sit there gathering dust. Might as well use it, huh? Sometimes I will address special features (Promos, commentaries, general special features) but more often than not I won't. The look of this blog is mostly temporary; I'll be improving it as I go along. The following are some recurring elements of the review that I don't feel like explaining every time I use them, so I'll just explain them now.

Case X, File X: Title
This is the title format. Case equals season, File equals episode, and then the title of the Episode. Case 0 will be aside stuff (like this post). Fairly straightforward.

Case Notes:
This will be a catch all for sidebars, trivia or just anything I wanted to say but couldn't fit in the review itself. 

Current/Future Celebrity Watch:
The X-Files has a lot famous people in it, both people who were famous at the time the episode was made and people who would become famous later. I will be pointing these people out as they appear. If I miss one, feel free to tell me. Current Celebrities are, in the language of the review, people who were famous at the time the episode was made, Future Celebrities are people who became famous after the episode.

Audio Observations:
This is another catchall, although this one is more specifically for significant moments in the soundtrack. It'll primarily be used for songs that aren't original to The X-Files.

If any of my readers (heh, like I have readers) have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I'll see you when I start the first episode.

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